Bacon Cheeseburger Donut

THIS is the brand new Bacon Cheeseburger Donut. Jammed with all of the good stuff which makes a cheeseburger so damn delicious, this mighty hybrid is parceled up in freshly cut dough to be deep fried until golden brown. Combine the heavenly wafting of freshly baked sweet doughnuts and salty bacon cheeseburgers, driving your senses wild and making taste-buds beg for a taste of this amazing donut burger. These brand-new Bacon Cheeseburger doughnuts are made from a fresh 6oz beef burger, Monterey jack cheese, special sauce, bacon and chopped gherkins carefully encased in fresh doughnut dough and deep fried ready to bring you oozing melted cheesy goodness.

The Bacon Cheeseburger Donuts are served with fries for £14.95 and will be available from Thursday 28th September.

Watch our Bacon Cheeseburger Donut Here