Freakshakes & Burgers

Halloween Hellboy Burger

Available NOW

Get a creepy this Halloween with our limited edition Hellboy Burger. Comprised of prime beef burger, fried sausage, cheddar and garlic cheese sauce, fried onions, bloody hot red chillies and a devil red brioche bun, Served with skin on fries.

Burger Salads

Available NOW

Maxwell’s burger salads are the lighter way to enjoy mouth watering burgers. We simply swap the bun for a lettuce equivalent whilst keeping the filling the same as a usual burger. Choose from either fries or a side salad to accompany.  We have 7 different burgers to choose from.

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Cheesebomb Burger

Available NOW

Our Cheesebomb Burger generated over 40 million online views worldwide in 2017 and it’s not hard to see why. Indulge yourself with this prime beef patty, crispy bacon, shredded lettuce, red onion and burger sauce smothered in Maxwell’s famous cheese sauce for only £14,95, but don’t wear a white shirt while eating it- you have been warned!


Available NOW

Since 2015, our freakshakes have been the talk of the town with up to 20 different flavors including our range of Pokemon and Spice Girls freakshakes that became an internet sensation. The freakshakes currently on the menu are;

Salted Caramel Donut | Oreo Cookie | Freakshake from Mars

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Moving Mountains Vegan Burger

Available NOW 

Attention all vegans! The Vegan Burger has landed at Maxwell’s! We have teamed up with Moving Mountains to bring you London’s tastiest plant-based burger. It’s a juicy B12 patty with shiitake bacon, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin and an avocado mayo that you just can’t get enough of!

Vegan Brownie Freakshake

Available NOW

Celebrate Veganuary all year round with our first ever vegan freakshake! Its packed full of thick soya vanilla shake and topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie, soya vanilla ice cream and party rings for only £8.95, and yes, its all vegan!

Themed Freakshakes

We have a variety of limited edition Freak Shakes that pop up though out the year. We get inspiration from a number of places including The Spice Girls, Pokemon, Easter and so much more. Keep and eye on our Instagram for new and upcoming varieties.


Christmas Burger

Available Every December

The Maxwell’s Xmas Stack Burger; a 6oz prime beef patty with turkey breast, chestnut stuffing, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and topped off with gravy & a pig in blanket. Available throughout December 2019.



Candy Melon Super Freak Shake

Currently NOT Available

Our craziest creation to date – The Candy Melon Super Freakshake! And yes, it tasted as wild as it sounds. This half a watermelon filled with thick shake and covered in enough candy to fulfill any childhood fantasy, was the perfect sharing dessert. We’re talking pink bubble gum ice cream, candy floss, party rings, rainbow laces and more.

Triple P Burger

Currently NOT Available 

At the pioneering forefront of all burger creations, Maxwell’s Triple P burger fuses a classic bacon cheeseburger between two gooey cheese and pulled pork ‘buns’. If that isn’t enough already, its served with fries and a jug of homemade onion gravy!