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Freakshakes & Burgers

Maxwell's Burgers

True American-style Burgers!

Maxwell’s serves an amazing variety of 10 delicious burgers to choose from. We have 5 burgers using 6oz of fresh prime beef: the Maxwell’s Old Timer, the Old School, the New Yorker, the Buffalo’n’Bird and The Mighty Stack. We’ve also got the Piggy Back with Pulled Pork, our Quinoa and Cheese Veg Out burger and our Rare Breed Dexter Beef, an 8oz Premium Minced Steak Patty with crispy bacon and Monterey Jack cheese.


Can you handle our Freakshakes!

Maxwell’s launched Freakshakes in 2015 and have since served up to 20 different flavours! One of our favourites that quickly became an Internet sensation is our Pokémon Freakshakes including Squirtle and Bulbasaur! Currently on offer from our Ice Cream Parlour menu is our latest Unicorn Freakshake, as well as the Salted Caramel Donut Freakshake, Oreo Cookie Freakshake, the Freakshake from Mars!

Cheesebomb Burger

How much do you love cheese?

A cheese lover’s dream. Oozing with hot, melted cheddar, Maxwell’s new burger special has taken London’s burger scene by storm. Already featured by TimeOut London with over 2 million views, this burger is has had quite a few jaws dropping! It’s one of our fresh beef burgers, sandwiched in a golden bun and covered in hot melted cheddar. Get your hands on one and get messy for £13.95 served with fries.

Unicorn Freakshakes

A mystical new creation arrives.

It’s time for Unicorns to shine in London! And so in May 2017, we decided to introduce Unicorn Freakshakes to our Freakshake menu. Our Unicorn Freakshake features a pink bubble gum thick shake topped with whipped cream, unicorn hair floss, pink marshmallows, love hearts, rainbow candy and is topped off with a marshmallow unicorn horn! We welcome lovers of all things Unicorn to fall head over heels for this mythical Freakshake available for just £7.95 each!

The Donut Burger

Currently Not Avaialble

Here at Maxwell’s Bar and Grill there is nothing we enjoy more than creating new and exciting burger specials! Back in June 2016 we wanted to try something a little different. We thought, why not let our tasty burgers try on a new bun for some added fun. Then we thought, forget the bun altogether. Let’s use a freshly baked donut and add plenty of cheese for good measure. Keep an eye out for when our donut burger is back on the specials menu!

Kids Burgers and Shakes

Something for the little ones

Treat your little ones to our scrumptious American Burgers and Shakes at Maxwell’s with our fantastic range of Kids dishes and desserts. Let them choose from our Junior Cheeseburger, a 4oz prime beef burger with American cheese or a hearty Kids Club Sandwich with grilled chicken breast, bacon and salad. Our mini guests love ice-cream – and we offer three delicious Kids Milkshakes in Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate!